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Performance Horses Excel

Performance Horses Excel

With LIBERTY FEED, your breeding, performance, show and pleasure horses will excel when fed the nutritionally balanced, highly palpatable, specialized low starch formulations from ADM.  These products have been developed for feeding horses in all stages of growth, performance or maintenance.

Moorman Mineral Products add the benefit of completing the “Forage First” concept to proper nutrition.

KERx Special Needs Nutritional Products are available: Equisure, EO3, DuraPlex, KER Flex, BioBloom, Triad, I.R. Pellet and BQuiet.

There truly is a product for each horse and his use.

Hay, Straw, Bagged Shavings, Pelleted Bedding, Stall Fresh Powder are also available from LIBERTY FEED.

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Broodmares & Foals Bloom With Gro N Glo

Broodmares & Foals Bloom With Gro N Glo

We are pleased to introduce our new GRO N GLO product specially developed by ADM to meet the nutritional needs of broodmares and growing foals and young prospects.  An extremely digestible low starch product complete with minerals, fat and probiotics.

GRO N GLO and ULTRA-FIBER are available in two sizes of pellets: a standard small pellet and a larger 5/8″ round pellet to reduce waste during feeding.

Experience the difference!

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