Mare Management

Our Goal is a Foal

As of 2012, we no longer accept outside mares for breeding, but that does not mean that the attention to detail and care of the mares has been compromised.  DeGraff Stables is dedicated to raising amateur friendly prospects with impeccable bloodlines that are well handled.  Importantly, we work hard to maintain each mare in optimal weight and condition in our facility so that they are physically able to produce the best foal possible, thus insuring exceptional performing prospects.

Located on the northcoast of Ohio on Lake Erie, we conduct all breeding on farm, either cooled semen or frozen semen, by artificial insemination to ensure safer, more sanitary conditions and to encourage a high number of pregnancies. Diagnostics such as a culture, cytology, biopsy or histopath are conducted as required. We have a daily teasing program that aids in cycle determination but is confirmed by ultrasound. 

Our large foaling stalls are continuously monitored by closed-circuit TV cameras and a full-time foaling technician. Every reasonable precaution is taken to ensure a safe birth and a live foal. 

A colostrum bank is maintained and refreshed each year. We imprint each foal and halter them right away. All foals are lead in and out of their stalls, thus mares with foals require two attendants. All foals accompany their dam into the breeding room thus less stress is placed on them.

Mares are managed with detailed breeding records, health records, progesterone level and recommendations for her care through foaling.

  • Complete Artificial Insemination Facility
  • Excellent Cycle Coordination for Live Cover Breedings
  • Cooled/Frozen Transported Semen Receiving Center
  • Located Within Minutes of All Major Thoroughbred Stallion Stations
  • Individualized Attention; Breeding Shed Transportation
  • Breeding Assistance
  • Breeding Soundness Exams
  • Ultrasound (all are performed by licensed veterinarian)
  • Daily Mare Teasing Program
  • Diagnostics: Culture, Cytology, Biopsy, Histopath
  • Closed Circuit TV Monitors with Attendants 24 Hours During Foaling Season
  • Large 12 X 24 Foaling Stalls
  • Complete Record Keeping Service Per Cycle
  • Colostrum Bank