November Thanksgiving Contest
Happy Thanksgiving from Our Stables to Yours

Happy Thanksgiving from Our Stables to Yours

THANK YOU TO ALL WHOM PARTICIPATED!  Wow!  We had a great bunch of comments!  If there is anyone that would like to ”feel good” … I promise you, the comments are representative of the meaning of Thanksgiving and worth the time to read! 

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 FROM LANA!  I’m thankful for being able to smell the scent of a barn and shavingsI’m thankful for being able to see the individually of each western pleasure horseI’m thankful to feel like I’m flying while riding on their backs

I’m thankful for being able to support my passion of the American Quarter Horse

I’m thankful for the genuine smiles on my little sisters’ faces when they ride and feel the dream taking them over

I’m thankful for the climb to success and the journey of the sport we all know and love

I’m thankful for the tears that got us all this far

I’m thankful for Vital Luxury, the filly that God put into my life

I’m thankful for our health. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy such a beautiful ride

I’m thankful for good food, great friends and superb horses

I’m thankful for . . . my entire life. Each day is a miracle in itself.

Often the rougher days are the ones we learn and gain the most from, while the world championships flash by like a shooting star, into the Heavens far beyond reality . . . far beyond a gold trophy, far beyond a victory lap.

The true victory we experience every day. Win, lose or draw.  Lana McGuire


FROM JOAN: I am thankful for what I call Reality Checks which are:Seeing a homeless person with a sign stating they are “hungry and bless you” and I am thankful for a full pantry and being able to shareHaving a neighbor who is all alone in this world with no family and I have one to share my days and invite him to share my home

seeing a flag draped coffin knowing it gives me the freedom to be who or whatever I am and my beliefs are protected

a dear friend hoping for 1 year of life and showing me I am blessed to know him and I am healthy

the family which is holding onto every day with a sick son and mine is gowing into a fine young man

witnessing the birth of an animal and knowing miracles really do exist if we open our hearts to them

Yes I am thankful for many things and the reminders my Reality Checks give me every day. Joan


FROM JUDY:  I’m thankful that at my age I can still throw a saddle on a horse, haul 18 hrs. straight to a horse show, ride 2 yr. olds (no one said I was smart), get to live on a beautiful place, and raise babies out of the mares I love. These might be shallow things, but the older you get, the more precious these things become, because they do mean I still have my health at an age when my mother was already deceased. I could not keep this place without my husband’s help. He works constantly and he is older than I am. I am thankful to live in an area where we will not be out of place at a large Thanksgiving dinner in clean jeans and clean boots. I am thankful for my wonderful girl friends that I show horses against, and we still really like each other–Karen, Paula, Tommy, Diane, Verna. There are times when we are the select pleasure class, and we share a tackroom at the smaller shows. I know I left some great friends out sorry. Last, but not least, I am thankful for being lucky enough to have had my wonderful parents, who made this all possible. My father was still going to horseshows at 87, two months before he died. That reminds me. Thank God for lqs so my father could go to the shows.


FROM ROBIN:  Myself, for this year, I am thankful for the following:

  • my husband’s and family's love and support for everything that I do.
  • our life as we know it. I know we are luckier than most people and for that I am grateful.
  • and last but not least, i am appreciative of our loyal customers whom have been so supportive through the years.
  • can’t wait to get together with family, talk, prepare dinner, talk, eat, talk, clean, talk, relax :-)

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Indian Artifacts Thanksgiving Coloring Contest Pilgrims
Indian Artifacts Thanksgiving Coloring Contest Pilgrims

Indian Artifacts Thanksgiving Coloring Contest Turkey
Indian Artifacts Thanksgiving Coloring Contest Turkey