Comprehensive Semen Analysis And Evaluations

From Simple to Complex Evaluations

Stallions may be sent to the farm (haul-in), or services provided on an in-house basis for simple to complex semen evaluations. Stallion breeding services are designed to allow owners the use of their stallion’s semen in a fresh, cooled-shipped or frozen semen breeding program.

Once your stallion is trained to collect, it is important to determine which semen extender his sperm perform the best in. For this process, we will evaluate the semen once collected, extend it at the correct concentration in a variety of different extenders, pack it in an Equitainer™ and then evaluate the semen at 24, 48 and if suitable 72 hours to determine which extender is the most suitable for your stallion.

DeGraff Stables offers a full range of commercial stallion breeding services including fertility evaluations, semen collection, evaluation, morphology, processing and breeding soundness exams. The objectives of these services are to provide horse owners with the most current technology available for the reproductive management of their stallions.