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DeGraff Stables, Inc. offers stallion owners a First-Class Breeding facility that focuses on the care of their stallion and that of obtaining first-cycle pregnancies via shipped cooled semen shipments or via an on-farm haul-in artificial insemination.  Our top priority is the health and well-being of the horses in our care, the facility design and daily routine of our staff was developed for the benefit of the horses.

State of the art equipment and advanced reproduction techniques are utilized daily by our competent and caring staff for safe and efficient breeding. Our veterinarian partners offers our DeGraff Stables owned mares, a highly supervised program that includes artificial insemination from on-farm stallions, a shipped semen receiving center for cooled transported or frozen semen, embryo transfer technology to commercial recipient mare herds. During foaling season, our large foaling stalls are continuously monitored by the technicians on staff and with closed-circuit TV cameras to facilitate deliveries.

For the mare owners who send to a commercial breeder or that keep their mares at home  and personally supervise their breeding and care, DeGraff Stables provides fresh-chilled transported semen and/or frozen semen with total commitment to customer service, satisfaction and on-time delivery.

Marketing and promotion compliment our comprehensive stallion semen evaluation services. DeGraff Stables has been certified by the USDA to collect, freeze, store and ship frozen semen to Australia, New Zealand and the European Union. In addition to our domestic freezing which is available year round, we offer quarantine sessions each summer and fall for stallions.

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