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Welcome to DeGraff Stables in Port Clinton, Ohio! Our collection and Shipping Days are Monday, Wednesday, Friday; and Saturday’s by appointment. All Stallions are available for Collecting, Shipping or for Customer Pick Up on these days. On Saturday only Airline or Customer Pick Up service is available. PLEASE! Contact Us Directly By Phone to Order Semen by 2PM Eastern The Day Before semen is to be collected! We may be reached in the office at 419.960.7447. If we do not pick up the phone PLEASE, speak slowly and leave a detailed voice message with the following information:

  1. Mare Owner’s Name

  2. Mare(s) Name(s)

  3. Stallion’s Name

  4. Advise Date for Collection and Additionally,  confirm the Date the Semen needs to Arrive

  5. Advise How You Wish Shipment Sent; i.e. Fed-Ex, Airline or Customer Pick Up

  6. Reconfirm the Shipping Address or Airport Location for Your Shipment

  7. Provide a Phone Number Where You May be Reached to Acknowledge Semen Order Receipt or Clarify Order

  8. Advise How to Confirm Your Shipment’s Tracking Number; i.e. Phone (Need Number), Fax (Need Number), Email (Need Email Address)

NOTE! You may email us at or Fax Us the Shipped Semen Order Form  at 419.960.7173.  Dont forget to download and check our Shipped Cooled Semen Instructions, but PLEASE this is IMPORTANT…, if you fax or email us, you MUST ALSO CALL our phone and leave a voice message advising us to look in the email or in the fax machine for your shipment request!!!!!

Also, remember, all documentation and breeding or shipping payments must be received by DeGraff Stables, Inc. prior to your semen order!

For Email Semen Orders.

DeGraff Stables Inc. Email | Office: 419.960.7447 or Cell: 419.573.9098 | Fax: 419.960.7173
2734 NE Catawba Road, Port Clinton, OH 43452
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